In the moving sector, there are 2 types of specific insurance.

Professional insurance (mandatory for any moving company)

It covers damage to buildings and must inevitably be included in the offer at no additional cost.

Some companies, will indicate in the heading "price includes" the following formula: "Professional Insurance included", which may put the customer on the wrong track, suggesting that it is a relative insurance to his own property. For this type of cover, it will be necessary to resort to a second insurance, namely the "all risks" cover.

All risks Insurance

An explicit and unambiguous estimate of the value (by the customer) is the only correct insurance basis. The purpose of this "all risk" insurance is to cover the assets entrusted during the move.

Assured Value = the total value of the assets entrusted. In other words, the proportional rule will be applicate in case of underinsurance and damages will only be compensated in proportion to the insured value. The insured value must be estimated on the basis of the replacement value of the goods, minus the discount due to obsolescence.

The premium = it depends on different factors (value of the goods, geographical, specific circumstances of the mission, the proportionality of the fragile objects vis-a-vis all the entrusted goods).



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